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Tenderall Fan Co. offers the most technologically advanced systems and solutions from the leading manufacturers of filtration technology.

Industrial dust collection systems and products remove industrial contaminants from polluted air Cheap Fabian Moreau Jersey , and where feasible, return clean air back into the environment. Benefits of industrial dust collection may include:

- Employees are protected from the harmful effects of pollution with an effective industrial dust collection system.
- Industrial dust collection keeps facilities compliant with health and air emission regulations.
- Use of industrial dust collection systems protects the environment from pollutants from manufacturing processes.

Cartridge dust collectors and filtration media provide effective solutions for managing a variety of industrial dust issues including toxic, explosive and potent compounds. These cartrideg dust collectors are:

* Powered by nanofiber filtration technology;
* Provide cleaner air with up to 25% more filtration capacity than other collectors;
* Dust collection filters last up to two times longer;
* Provide significant cost savings and optimal service.

Tenderall Fan Co. filtration research and development has led to cartridge dust collectors that solve most industrial dust and particulate challenges in a variety of facilities such as:

- Chemical,
- Woodworking,
- Pharmaceutical,
- Food Processing,
- Metal Working Cheap Ryan Anderson Jersey ,

Worker exposure to potent compounds is a major concern in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical containment is of utmost importance. Northern Integrated Systems dust collectors is setting new standards in pharmaceutical containment with:

+ Filters and contains dusts of low, intermediate, and potent toxicity.
+ Features triple-sealed Bag-InBag-Out (BIBO) components at the filters.
+ Includes integrated HEPA BIBO chamber under negative pressure.
+ Variety of clean-change dust discharge options such as a continuous liner.

Want to know what the future is in media based dust collectors? Look no further than to Northern Integrated Systems dust collectros which use the high performance filter media as in the cartridge filters and in filter packs.

The rugged, dependable Northern Integrated Systems line of dust collectors features Baghouse dust collectors, developed to handle high air volume and heavy dust loading encountered in applications such as:

- Food Processing
- Grain
- Cement
- Woodworking
- Chemical

The Dual Draw line of downdraft tables accommodate a wide variety of industrial jobs that generate particulate including sanding, gluing, deburring Cheap Jonathan Allen Jersey , grinding, welding and more. Patented Dual Draw downdraft tables:

Provide symmetrical airflow across the total work surface.
Built to order benches mandate an operator clean breathing zone.
Dual Draw downdraft tables also feature vented backs, adjustable side panels and are fully self-contained, requiring no duct work.

Tenderall Fan Co. supplied side access housings feature the most complete line of containment systems with industrial HEPA filters. Find solutions for any application with a wide variety of choices such as:

- Materials of construction;
- Size;
- Efficiency;
- Temperature rating;
- Air Flow Capacity;

HEPA filters are factory tested to meet necessary regulatory requirements for applications in hospitals, biotechnology, biomedical, laboratories Cheap Vernon Davis Jersey , food processing, pharmaceutical, semiconductor fabrication, and more. A Bag-In Bag-Out (BIBO) option is available for cases where containment is required.

For additional information please refer to http:www.tenderallindex

Oleg Chetchel
Industrial Equipment Designer
Tenderall Fan Co.
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